Don't Take Our Word For It

Bring Your Fundraising Event To The Next Level

Would you like the enthusiasm and drive that makes a night your guest will never forget?

Our Team and years of experience will not only make your event more profitable it will make guests want to come back year after year.

We offer services for the following types of fundraisers:

  • Galas
  • Community Events
  • Religious Organization Fundraisers
  • Any important event to you!

    "Tyson and his team are great at what they do and bring a level of enthusiasm and passion that is unmatched! Baker Auction is top notch and the entire team has an infectious positive energy, which makes them unique and sets them apart from other auction companies."

    - Matt Vaughan

    "Tyson was great to work with. Not only did they help us raise $38,000 more dollars, they give you advice on how to make your event better every step of the way. I would highly recommend them for your auction or fundraiser."

    - Ben Bryson

    "Hands-down one of the best auction companies I’ve ever done business with. The customer service is phenomenal!"

    - Cord Anderson

    "Tyson and everyone at Baker Auction Co. is an amazing team and took the 2nd annual Helping High fundraiser to the next level! Thank you isn't enough to even express the gratitude."

    - Michele Coburn

    "Best team to make your event profitable & a fun night for your guests!"

    - Michelle Murray

    "Let me tell you, it’s not a party unless Baker Auction is part of your event. Always a great job!!!"

    - Arsenio Saakyan